Welcome To The Celtic Tuning Dealer Portal

The Celtic Tuning Dealer Portal provides: -
  • Vehicle Data and Knowledge Base
    Supported Vehicle Information, Supported Equipment Listings, How to documents, options for EGR removal, Speed Limiter removal and DPF removal.
  • File Management
    File Transfers between the Dealer and Celtic Tuning head office are recorded and backed up. A traffic light system is in place so that the Dealer can view the progress of a file modification. On completion of a modified file the Deleaer will receive an instant online message and an SMS notification if the Dealer is away from the computer.
  • Messaging
    The Dealer Portal provides a messaging system for realtime communication with Celtic Tuning.
  • Integration
    Celtic Tuning provide a software interface to enable the integration of Dealer's proprietary web sites into the Celtic Tuning Vehicle Database.
  • Accounting
    Dealer accounts are itemised and accessible via the Dealer Portal. Online payment has been made easy with the use of PayPal integration into the Dealer Portal.
  • Media
    Sales media is available through the Dealer Portal.
  • Getting Started: -

    1. Logon Credentials
      If you are currently a Celtic Tuning Dealer, please contact Celtic Tuning on +44(0)1726 892 873 to obtain a username and password.
    2. Logging In
      If you have been issued a username and password you can click the logon link to sign in. Logon